Printed the third volume of WBA Monographs “Flora Popolare del Veneto”!

06 diciembre 2016

After many years of passionate investigations, by the author, the botanist Silvio Scortegagna, the third volume of the series WBA Monographs “Flora Popolare del Veneto” has been printed in the last days. It is a real treatise on ethnobotany of more than 700 pages, full color, with an extraordinary collection of data: a “cultural biodiversity” espressed by many dialectal phytonyms and the ancient uses of more than 400 plants of Venetian region. The book has been published with the patronage of the Regione del Veneto and Coldiretti Veneto and with the support of OPO Veneto.

In “Flora Popolare Veneta” each species is considered for its large range of uses: food, agricolture, breeding, fishing, hunting, handcraft, house, game, magic, superstition, medicine, veterinary, religion, legends, habits, proverbs and common sayings.

From the presentation of Paolo Fontana: “In conclusion, the botanical, ecological, agricoltural, herbal, food, technical, historical and linguistic data are interwoven as to form a wonderful arras which, as a whole, represents the deep bond between man and plants, humanity and biodiversity. With this book we can travel across the time and space, we can bring back memories of our childhood or take inspiration for future projects. This succeeds when the knowledge is carried out transversallly in an interdisciplinary way, in a dialoguing and not elitist way.”