“Bombyces and Sphinges of the Alps” has been presented in Padua

27 junio 2016

The sixth volume of the WBA Handbooks series “Bombyces and Sphinges of the Alps” has been presented to the Botanical Garden of Padua, at the XXV Italian Congress of Entomology. This new naturalistic handbook of 560 pages written by our member Paolo Paolucci of the University of Padua is added to “Butterflies and Burnets of the Alps”, published in 2013, offering a clear framework on the distribution of the lepidopterological fauna of the Alps.
The guide is dedicated to 16 families of moths, traditionally gathered under general names of Bombyces and  Sphinges. About 350 species of alpine moths are illustrated with more than 2,000 color original drawings showing the adults, larvae and pupae. The book includes keys for the determination of species, distribution, habitat, phenology, host plants and many other information about the species.
It is a very good bilingual (Italian and English) handbook for both beginners and more experienced naturalists. This book can also be related to the identification of the moth species in biomonitoring programs and in the sustainable management of the Alpine Natura 2000 sites.
The new volume has been officially presented by prof. Alessandro Minelli during the XXVth  Italian Congresso of Entomology held at the Botanical Garden of Padua 20-24 June. The book will be solely distributed at international level by Erich Bauer – Antiquariat Goecke & Evers (Germany), with which WBA has subscribed an exclusive agreement. The distribution in Italy will be made directly by WBA, to whom must be sent the purchase orders. The cover price is 55,00 euro. WBA members can buy a copy of the WBA Handbooks 6, with a particular discount of 50%.