4th october 2014: WBA turns 10 years old!

02 octubre 2014

10 years have already passed since that October 4, 2004, that saw the birth of the World Biodiversity Association at the Museum of Natural History of Verona! It is surely an important step  for our organization that will be remembered on the occasion of the XIV Biodiversity Day. The event will be celebrated next Saturday October 4th at Villa Buri, in Verona, together with our WBA founder member WBA and President of the Fundacion Otonga, prof. Giovanni Onore, with 300 students of the Schools of Verona.
The event is the final act of a three-days conference dedicated to sustainability, in the context of the Project “Seventh: don’t waste!” promoted by ProgettoMondo MLAL and WBA. During the works the students attended workshops related to the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity.
The event will take place in the morning on Saturday, October 4th, according to the following program.
9.00 – Opening of the conference and welcome of the Authorities and Partners of the Project.
9.15 – Introductory speech by prof. Giovanni Onore about the biodiversity of Ecuador and presentation of the activities for the conservation of the Otonga Forest.
11.00 – Presentation of the “biodiversity trail” in the Park of Villa Buri.
11.30 – Presentation of the exhibition “A Possible World”.
11.45 – Donation ceremony to Prof. Giovanni Onore of the funds raised by the Institutes involved in Biodiversity Project during the school year 2013-2014 to buy some hectares of the Otonga Foresta (Ecuador).
12.00 – Music with Sara Fortini of the group starter “A Possible World”
12.30 – End of the conference.