Andrea Pirlo, too, has chosen Biodiversity Friend!

14 junio 2014

Friday 6th June 2014 Valoritalia, a company leader in Italy in quality wine certification, emitted the certificate “Biodiversity Friend” n. 8072, for the Società Agricola Pratum Coller, in Brescia. The news is interesting simply because it is the first farm certified «Biodiversity Friend» in the Lombardy Region, but there is more to know about. In fact, the owner of the farm Pratum Coller, is Andrea Pirlo, the captain of the italian football team. The WBA Directing Council meeting, held in Vicenza last 10th June, was very pleased to hear the new and verified that the protocol “Biodiversity Friend” is progressively expanding as an important certification, for a sustainable agriculture, re-directed to biodiversity conservation. In particular, the farm of Andrea Pirlo obtained a very high entrance score (75/100) compared  with the minimum score requested (60/100); this fact shows the great commitment of the farm towards a more sustainable viticulture, contributing to the environmental conservation and consumers’ health.