Vero Veneto Project

VEROVENETO – GOOD EARTH DOESN’T LIE. Qualitative characterization of the main Veneto fruit and vegetable products and their production environment

STATUS: concluded

PARTNER: WBA Project srl


With the DGRV n.2860 of 30/12/2013, the Veneto Region financed the Project “Qualitative characterization of the main Veneto fruit and vegetable products and their production environment”.

Action 2 of the Project consisted in the environmental characterization of about 175 fruit and vegetable companies in Veneto through the environmental survey methodology based on the procedures defined by the “Biodiversity Friend” protocol, developed by WBA onlus in 2010 to evaluate the conservation of biodiversity in agriculture.

The procedure considers the environmental impacts of agricultural activities on agrosystems and biodiversity and suggests operational strategies to increase the environmental quality of the cultivated areas. The assessment is based on the verification in the company and in the field of 12 actions related to:

1) low impact methods for the control of biotic adversities,

2) restoration of soil fertility,

3) rational use of water resources,

4) spreading of hedges and woods,

5) presence of nectar species,

6) conservation of agricultural biodiversity,

7) air quality based on the Lichen Biodiversity Index,

8) water quality based on the Aquatic Biodiversity Index,

9) soil quality based on the Soil Biodiversity Index,

10) use of renewable energy sources,

11) reduction of emissions and storage of CO2,

12) other actions with beneficial effects on biodiversity.


In particular, the environmental quality of the agrosystem is assessed using biomonitoring of air, water and soil, considering that the diversity of soil and water macroinvertebrates and the biodiversity of epiphytic lichen communities decreases rapidly when soil, water and air are altered by various causes, such as pollution, use of synthetic and biological pesticides, bad agricultural practices, etc.


The expected results are:

  • Provide to producers of fruit and vegetable in Veneto the elements of product characterization to communicate the value of their products to the consumer;
  • Enhance the Veneto fruit and vegetable production through nutritional values, environment-product relationships and biodiversity;
  • To spread awareness of the values ​​of Veneto fruit and vegetables among producers and consumers: to create the “culture” of a product that “is good” for its health components and “is well produced” for its production techniques.

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