Biofuture Project

Biofuture. Biodiversity and enhancement of fruit and ecosystems in typical production areas

STATUS: concluded

PERIOD: 2019 – 2022

PARTNER: WBA Project srl


Countless organisms live in the soil that help keep it fertile and healthy, mitigate climate change, store and purify water and prevent erosion. Preserving soil biodiversity is an essential requirement to guarantee a future and the challenge is to combine the development of the agricultural sector, and fruit and vegetables in particular, with the protection of biological diversity.


The project, which is part of Measure 16 – PSR 2014-2020 (TI 16.1.1 and 16.2.1.), aims to enhance some Veneto fruit and vegetable productions taken as a model (Radicchio di Chioggia, Radicchio di Treviso, Lettuce and Kiwi) and to identify crop management techniques that preserve the biodiversity of the territory, above all that of the soil, with environmental repercussions (increase in the functional and structural biodiversity of companies, reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and plant protection products , reduction of water consumption), economic (reduction of production costs or higher remuneration of the product sold, and consequent increase in company competitiveness) and social (new job opportunities, even in collateral activities). Other objectives of the project are to promote low-impact agronomic practices and increase the resilience of agro-ecosystems.


Through the use of low-impact techniques, the project aims at an agriculture based on the natural ability of a territory to produce quality products that favor an adequate profitability of companies. A “handbook” will be produced, with technical lines for managing Veneto fruit and vegetable crops in compliance with the conservation of biodiversity and natural fertility of the soils.

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