Didactic material


In the course of 2010, declared by United Nations “International Year of Biodiversity”, World Biodiversity Association, in the context of the Project “Conservation by Education” produced a new and effective instrument to deal with the themes of study and conservation of biodiversity in the schools: “The Seasons of Biodiversity” a nature music-video on the theme of “The Four Season” of Antonio Vivaldi. The documentary has been realized with the support of the Fondazione Cariverona and Centro Servizi per il Volontariato di Verona and in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, O.P.O. Veneto, Fundacion Otonga and Music Grammar School “C. Montanari” of Verona.
The film, planned and realized by the documentary film maker Luciano Vinco, shows landscapes, animals, flowers, trees, sounds of nature. The musicians of the Camera Orchestra “Archi Moderni Veneti” allowed our Association to use their precious performance of “The Four Seasons” of Antonio Vivaldi.
The protagonists of the documentary, plants and animals of different habitats, have been listed in order of appearance in a booklet enclosed to DVD: for each species, the common name, the scientific classification and a synthetic profile have been reported.
The documentary has been distributed free of charge to the Primary and Secondary Schools of the Regione del Veneto, also with the objective of stimulating interdisciplinary activities between Music Teachers and Natural Science Teachers.
The persons concerned can request a copy of the documentary (making a free donation) to: info@biodiversityassociation.org


World Biodiversity Association, with the support of Fondazione Cariverona and Provincia di Verona and in collaboration with Regione del Veneto, OPO Veneto, Provincia di Mantova, Baldonatura and Fundacion Otonga (Ecuador), realized the didactic kit “Conservation by Education” with the objective of offering to the Natural Science Teachers a new and effective instrument to deal with the themes of study and conservation of biodiversity, often disregarded by school books.
The kit is to be distributed free of charge to the Schools of the Provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Belluno and Mantova, and includes:
– one CD with 11 multimedia presentations, some of which in English;
– one DVD that contains a film (in Italian and English version) about the activities of study and conservation of biodiversity;
– a guide booklet for teachers.
The documents deal with the biodiversity in reference to the importance of conservation, to the endangered and extincted species, to the richness of biodiversity in Venetian Region, in Italy and in the world, to the collective and individual behaviour to pursue for the safeguard of biodiversity. Moreover, practical experiences referred to biodiversity projects recently realized by some Venetian Schools are presented.

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