Biodiversity Bridges Project

BIODIVERSITY BRIDGES: Systemic co-creation approach to build the environment of the future

STATUS: in progress

PERIOD: 2021 – 2023

PARTNER: WBA Project srl


The BIODIVERSITY BRIDGES project, presented by WBA Project involves 12 partners from the Verona area including institutions, associations, high schools, reclamation consortia and entities, listed in detail below.


The title of the project is inspired by the distance between the areas involved, represented by the three biotopes of the Veronese territory (plain, east hill, and west hill) among which the theme of biodiversity acts as a bridge between places, approaches for the protection of natural resources and different generations. In fact, the involvement of schools to which WBA has always had particular attention is central in the project.


The main purpose of the project is to develop a deep sensitivity and awareness of the naturalistic richness of the area, redeveloping and enhancing areas in which biodiversity plays a fundamental role and involving the different subjects who live there, especially young people.

These main interventions are the driving force for carrying out environmental awareness and education initiatives, providing local authorities with new policies to protect biodiversity, establishing a Community of Practice.


Once again the missions are realized through the project:

  • “Conservation by Education” to affirm the fundamental role of education in the conservation of natural environments and protect diversity, the right to life of every organism, the environmental balance and avoid the extinction of thousands of species. Biodiversity can only be preserved through a capillary educational action, applying the thought of Baba Dioum, a Senegalese conservation biologist: “In the long run, we will only keep what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what they teach us”.
  • “Discovering Biodiversity” to actively contribute to the inventory of our planet’s biological diversity through naturalistic expeditions to biodiversity hot spots.


Financing Body: Cariverona Foundation

Operating partner-recipients: Municipality of Cerea; Municipality of Soave; Municipality of Fumane; Municipality of Marano di Valpolicella; ISI Leonardo da Vinci Cerea; IIS Stefani – Bentegodi; IIS Ferraris-Fermi; Social Cooperative Work Center San Giovanni Calabria; Valpolicella Wine Route Association; Soave Wine Route Association; Cascina Albaterra Agricultural and Social Cooperative Society; Provincial Association of Veronese Beekeepers.

Supporting partners: Valle Brusà Naturalistic Association; Verona Birdwatching Association; Veronese Reclamation Consortium; Regional School Office for Veneto – Office VII Territorial Area of ​​Verona; Provincial Administration of Verona; Running Group I Canguri di Cerea; ASD DIAITA; UISP Verona APS Territorial Committee; Italia Nostra Onlus Association – Verona Section

Amount financed: € 415,000.00 (divided among the operating partners)

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