Biodiversity Friend Trademark


Since its foundation, October 4, 2004, WBA has been involved in the conservation and protection of biodiversity in agricultural environments. In September 2009, WBA has developed a certification process for companies, products and processes, able to offer the user and the consumer guarantees that production does not lead to a loss of the biodiversity of the territory.


This path, originally called “Biodiversity Loss Free” (BLF), was formulated and presented by Gianfranco Caoduro, at that time President of WBA, and presented during the conference “Agriculture and Biodiversity: comparing experiences” held on October 3, 2009 in Zero Branco (TV), on the occasion of the “Ninth Biodiversity Day”.


Then, the draft of this project was developed by a working group consisting of naturalists, agronomists and foresters of WBA, with the support of CSQA, who developed a protocol called “Biodiversity Friend®”, which allows companies to increase the biological complexity of agrosystems, towards a real sustainability and quality of production.

The Biodiversity Friend standard is not only a certification of the company’s commitment to a significant reduction in the loss of biodiversity in the area, but represents a stimulus for the company itself towards a progressive increase in biological diversity.

Accredited Certification Bodies

In 2014 WBA Project Ltd took over the managemnet of Biodiversity Friend. WBA Project has stipulated agreements for the “Biodiversity Friend®” certification with the following accredited certification bodies: CSQASIQURIA e BIOAGRICERT.



LOGO CSQA                                                             

These bodies are subjected to checks by the National Accreditation Body: Accredia.


WBA Onlus, to offer maximum transparency, makes available to users:


– the list of accredited verifiers


– the Register of verified and certified “Biodiversity Friend®” companies