Art for Forest Project

ART FOR FORESTS: Art and Science together to save rain forests

STATUS: concluded

PERIOD: 2011



In October 2010, on the occasion of Biodiversity Day, the Scottish painter Mandy Robertson contacted the World Biodiversity Association onlus to declare her willingness to contribute absolutely free to the conservation of rainforests and their exceptional biodiversity.


Thus was born the Art For Forest project: in 2011 Mandy Robertso painted 20 paintings with a naturalistic theme and donated them to WBA Onlus in order to raise funds for the purchase of new portions of tropical forest in Ecuador.


The project took shape with the organization of three events aimed at raising awareness among students and citizens on the issues of forest conservation and raising funds to purchase new portions of the Otonga Forest (Ecuador).

One of the most topical environmental issues concerns the conservation of our planet’s forests and biodiversity. In tropical areas, forests are destroyed to make way for pastures or crops, but to these losses we must add the large and progressive losses of habitat and natural soils due to urbanization and other destructive uses of the soil (industries, transport, etc.).

To raise public awareness on these issues, the United Nations declared 2011 the “International Year of Forests”.


Since 2004, the year of its foundation, World Biodiversity Association onlus has been engaged in the study of biodiversity and in the conservation of the most biodiverse environments on the planet: tropical forests.


For the active protection of forests, WBA has been working for years in collaboration with the founding member Giovanni Onore, a Marianist friar, Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (Quito), who, through the “Fundacion Otonga”, has activated some projects conservation of forests and education of indigenous peoples.


Thanks to the intervention of Professor Onore, about 2,000 ha have already been purchased in Ecuador. of virgin forest (Otonga Forest), with all their biological richness. WBA onlus has organized numerous naturalistic expeditions in South America in recent years and has promoted numerous fundraisers that have allowed the purchase of a few tens of hectares of the Otonga Forest (Ecuadorian Western Andes) to preserve them from destruction.


Art for forest is organized by the World Biodiversity Association onlus, University of Verona and Fundacion Otonga, in collaboration with: Centralized University Library of the University of Verona, Academy of Agriculture, Sciences and Letters of Verona, Liceo Musicale “Carlo Montanari” – Verona, World Academy for Poetry

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