Biodiversity Friend


Biodiversity is a fundamental resource for human beings, such as energy and water resources. The maintenance of high biodiversity in the environment must be an overriding goal for production activities, especially in the primary sector.


The brand “Biodiversity Friend” is the means through which the official documentation related to the certification is graphically identified. The brand is owned by WBA and it has been registered (trademark filed on July 1, 2010 at CCIAA of Verona). The brand has been also registered as an international trademark in European Union and China by the World Intellectually Property Organization of Madrid and in U.S.A. by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In 2014 WBA registered also the Biodiversity Friend Checklist as a patent for invention to the CCIAA of Verona (Italy).


To certify the protocol “Biodiversity Friend” the WBA stipulated an agreement with CSQA Certificazioni one of the most important agri-food certifying body in Italy. In 2014 WBA Project Ltd took over the management of Biodiversity Friend for WBA and stipulated a new triennal agreement with CSQA Certificazioni. To guarantee the independence and protect all affected parties, the Certification Committee includes all the stakeholders of the food chain, from the farmers to the consumers, which have a determining role in the final decisions. CSQA Certificazioni is audited by: Accredia, the Italian National Accreditation Body.


Biodiversity can be defined as the number of species living in a defined area and represents the most important resource of the ecosystems of our Planet. The destruction of the forests and habitats causes the extinction of thousands of species every year; because of this, the loss
of biodiversity is one of the greater environmental emergencies of our times. Unsustainable production and consumption models, lacking of education and consciousness at every level caused a loss of biodiversity to which other environmental emergencies like global warming and limited availability of resources are strictly related; in the next decades the solution of these problems will decide the destiny of the human community. Recognizing these priorities, United Nations declared 2010 to be the “International Year of Biodiversity”.


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