Biodiversity Friend



Protecting biodiversity today means committing to the conservation of natural habitats, that is being “friends of biodiversity”, or as we like it: biodiversity friends, and acting responsibly, for sustainability.


Indeed, biodiversity is the most important resource of the natural systems of our planet…


…but unsustainable production and consumption patterns are causing the extinction of thousands of species every year, so much so biologists speak of a “sixth mass extinction“. Naturalists and scientists warn us that forest destruction, global warming and biodiversity loss will lead to severe imbalances on the planet and on the resource availability.


Recognizing this absolute need for change, WBA in 2010, “International Year of Biodiversity”, offered to the farmers, the true keepers of the territory and biodiversity, a new development model based on the culture of respect.


Thus was born the “Biodiversity Friend” certification, which stimulate the agricultural world to become aware of production based on the sustainability of development and respectful to the conservation of natural resources.


From the primary sector, the “Biodiversity Friend” philosophy can be extended to all the other production sectors to make a decisive step forward towards the protection of the planet on a global level.


Up to now, in fact, conservation policies have not been effective because they have not been able to involve the productive world in a synergistic way; too often, production and environmental protection have come into conflict, leading to misunderstandings, radicalization of positions and a global environmental crisis.


Our idea has as its final goal the harmonization between production and conservation, the only way for a truly sustainable development capable of guaranteeing a future for the planet and for future generations.


Produce while preserving? We can!

Join us!