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OS-Tienshanica expedition: Discovering the Thien Shan mountains and their biodiversity

OS-Tienshanica: a new expedition on the Thien Shan mountains to rediscover the wild nature and the biodiversity of this amzing place View and vote the videoclip In the late 19th century Baron Osten-Sacken, naturalist, geographer and explorer made an epic quest crossing the Tien Shan, the Celestial Mountains, in a lost country today known as

05 Sep, 2018

The second volume of WBA Monographs is in press!

After the prestigious volume on the plants of Francesco Calzolari, which was published last september, these days is going to be printed the second volume of the series WBA Monographs titled: “The genus Copris Müller. Taxonomy, phylogeny and zoogeographical notes”. It is an important taxonomic work by Rita Marchisio (prematurely dead on January 2011) and

26 Jan, 2012

The first volume of WBA Monographs is in printing!

The first volume of the new series WBA Monographs: “Le piante di Francesco Calzolari” is finally in printing. This prestigious work has a great scientific and historical value and is the fruit of a very long labour of our member prof. Daniele Zanini who, with this volume, pays homage to Francesco Calzolari and to his

31 Aug, 2011