Buy forest!

Buy forest!

The “Biodiversity Project” was conceived by prof. Gianfranco Caoduro in 2000 with the aim of giving a concrete answer to rainforest and biodiversity preservation.

Scientists say that about 7-8 million species on 10 million that probably live in our Planet live in the tropical rainforest, which in the last century were systematically destroyed. Today, the rainforest cover is about 7 million sq km but in the past the cover was more than 16 million sq km. The destruction is proceeding at a rate of 100.000 sq km each year, with an estimated extinction of 35.000 species.

The Project was initiated by some Secondary Schools in Verona with the aim of informing students and citizens about biodiversity conservation and raising money to buy pieces of the rainforest. Small trees grown by students and little animals made by Ecuadorian indios from vegetal ivory are sold to obtain the money necessary to buy rainforest.

Thanks to the Biodiversity Project, until now more than 105.000 € have been collected and donated to the Otonga Foundation (Ecuador)*. This money permitted to buy 50 new hectares of Otonga Forest (Ecuador), added to about 2.000 hectares purchased in the last 30 years by prof. Giovanni Onore, President of the Otonga Foundation and founder member of our Association.

Today, one hectare of Ecuadorian rainforest costs from 1000 to 2000 $, according to its proximity to roads and the possibilities of its destructive exploitation.

*The Otonga Forest is situated in the Province of Cotopaxi, between 1300 and 2300 metres above sea level, about 100 km to the West of the capital city, Quito. It consists of 2000 hectares of native mountain woodland, natural pastures and reforested areas with trees grown in nurseries of the same forest. In the last 20 years the extension of the Ecuadorian forest has been considerably reduced and Otonga region together with the Reserva Forestal del Rio Lelia and the Reserva ecologica Los Ilinizas have become the last refuge of importance for the fauna and flora of the Ecuadorian Western Andes.

If you want contribute to the purchase of new pieces of Otonga Forest, give your donation:

  • by Bank account transfer Bancoposta IBAN IT40T07601117000 00060188349

specifying in the reason for the bank transfer:

Biodiversity Project – Purchase Otonga Forest (Ecuador).

The donations must be headed to:
World Biodiversity Association onlus
c/o Museo Civico di Storia Naturale
Lungadige Porta Vittoria, 9
37129 Verona – Italia

Each contributor will receive a certificate released by WBA and Otonga Foundation (Ecuador).

Puoi contribuire all’acquisto di nuove porzioni di Foresta Otonga donando una volta o mensilmente decidendo la quota o scegliendo tra quelle indicate.