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Do you want to contribute to the biodiversity conservation? Sustain the activities of WBA!

If you are over eighteeen, you can:

  • become member
  • make a donation
  • destinare il 5 per mille all’Associazione
  • buy a piece of rainforest
  • buy a gadget to help WBA in the struggle for biodiversity conservation.

Become a member of WBA

The membership fee to become a member is euro 25,00 a year. In this way you become an Ordinary Member taking part in social activities such as:

  1. to participate in the Assemblies of WBA,
  2. to participate in scientific expeditions organized by our Association,
  3. to publish free of charge the results of the investigations on the WBA publications or on the scientific review “Biodiversity Journal”,
  4. to get a 50% discount on the WBA publications: Memoirs on Biodiversity, WBA Handbooks, Biodiversity Friend and WBA Monographs.

The payment of the membership fee can be done in one of the following ways:


You can offer a contribution for the achievement of the goals of the Association, specifying in the reason for the bank transfer “Donation to WBA”.

Buy forest!

The “Biodiversity Project” was conceived by prof. Gianfranco Caoduro in 2000 with the aim of giving a concrete answer to rainforest and biodiversity preservation.