What is the destiny for the forests of our planet?

With the aim of remembering that 2011 has been declared by United Nations “International Year of Forests”, the World Biodiversity Association, the Library “A. Frinzi” of the University of Verona and the Unicef Committee of Verona, promote a round table on the theme “The destiny of the forests, between biodiversity and sustainability”. The meeting will

26 Sep, 2011

The first volume of WBA Monographs is in printing!

The first volume of the new series WBA Monographs: “Le piante di Francesco Calzolari” is finally in printing. This prestigious work has a great scientific and historical value and is the fruit of a very long labour of our member prof. Daniele Zanini who, with this volume, pays homage to Francesco Calzolari and to his

31 Aug, 2011

New subtribe, new genus and new species of Carabid beetle from Bulgaria!

Our members Pier Mauro Giachino and Dante Vailati have recently published on the review ZooKeys (2011; 117: 59–72) a very interesting issue that describes a new genus and a new species of Coleoptera Trechinae from Bulgaria. The article: “A new remarkable subterranean beetle of the Rhodopes: Paralovricia gen. n. beroni sp. n. belonging to Lovriciina

27 Aug, 2011