Biodiversity is one of the riches of our planet The characteristics of living organisms When you closely observe living organisms,  study them, you can definitively realize some characteristics that accumunate them: 1. Cells! all living things are made of cells! 2. Cells contain hereditary information encoded in a universal genetic language! 3. Cells extract energy

24 Dec, 2017

Take us to Cuba

“TAKE US TO CUBA”- WHY? This story begins in Summer 2017, when Enrico and Nicola, both W.B.A. members, went to Rome to meet with the managers of Bioversity International (Italian dispatch). A project is born, involving two technical-scientific figures in a trip to Cuba in spring 2018. At this point we would like to bring

22 Dec, 2017

Printed the third volume of WBA Monographs “Flora Popolare del Veneto”!

After many years of passionate investigations, by the author, the botanist Silvio Scortegagna, the third volume of the series WBA Monographs…

06 Dec, 2016

Valentina Filippini recently completed his PhD

Our member Valentina Filippini recently completed his PhD on the taxonomy of Anomalini…

17 Oct, 2016

“Bombyces and Sphinges of the Alps” has been presented in Padua

The sixth volume of the WBA Handbooks series “Bombyces and Sphinges of the Alps” has been presented to the Botanical Garden of Padua…

27 Jun, 2016

Scientific expedition of WBA in Arabia Saudita

Our members Pierpaolo Rapuzzi (Udine), Daniele Baiocchi (Rome) and Gianluca Magnani (Cesena) restectively specialist…

20 Jun, 2016