BFB paths and elements of evaluation


BFB Declaration

The farm signs into the Biodiversity Friend® web portal in order to fill the self.assessment of its sustainability performance and subscribes the «Biodiversity Friend® Beekeeping Declaration».

BFB Certified Farm

Within six months after registering on the Biodiversity Friend web portal, the farm requested the inspection of the BFB Declaration to a Certification body recognized and accredited by WBA.


Once the audit procedures have been completed, including traceabiliy and a mass balance, the certification body issues the Certificate of Conformity to the Biodiversity Friend® Beekeeping protocol to farm.


According to the score obtained, the BF Verified and Certified farms may combine the WBA Onlus or BF trademark with the level attesting the sustainability performance achieved: Bronze, Silver, Gold o Platinum.



Biodiversity Friend Website:



To comply with the Protocol the beekeeping company signs the «Biodiversity Friend® Beekeeping Declaration» which to pursues 10 actions that WBA considers the «Decalogo della sostenibilità» in beekeeping.

* Points 3 and 4 of the decalogue are evaluated only if the beekeeping company is also a farm.