The WBA Scientific Committee is a  statutory expert body constituted by experts nominated by the WBA Directing Council. The members of the Scientific Commettee are elected for a three year term and they are re-eligible. For the triennium 2014-2016 the WBA Scientific Committee is formed by the following experts:

Barrientos-Lozano LudivinaProfessor of Zoology, Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Victoria (México).
Casale AchilleProfessor of Zoology, Department of Biology and Biological Anthropology, University of Sassari.
Daccordi MauroEx-curator of Zoology, Museum of Natural History of Verona and Museum of Natural Sciences of Torino; entomologist, specialist on Coleoptera Crisomelidae.
Giachino Pier MauroCoordinator of the Scientific Committee. Manager of the Phytosanitary Sector, Regione Piemonte; entomologist, specialist on Coleoptera Carabidae and Cholevidae.
Guidolin LauraProfessor of Zoogeography, Department of Biology, University of Padova.
Kleukers Roy Curator of Entomology, Nationa Museum of Natural History of Leiden (Holland). Responsible for Holland of theEuropean Invertebrate Survey.
Massa BrunoProfessor of Agrarian Entomology and Bodiversity, University of Palermo.
Onore GiovanniProfessor of Zoology, Director of the Museum of Zoology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador; specialist on Coleoptera Scarabeidae.
Osella GiuseppeProfessor of Zoology, Director of Department of Environmental Sciences, University of L’Aquila; specialist on Coleoptera Curculionidae.
Peck StewartProfessor of the Department of Biology, Carleton University, Ottawa (Canada).
Roig Fidel AlejandroProfessor of Dendrochronology, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina) and Universidade de São Paulo (Brasil).
Salgado Costas Josè MariaJosè Maria Professor of Entomology, Department of Animal Biology, University of Leon (Spain).
Tretiach MauroProfessor of Botany, Department of Biology, University of Trieste. President of the Società Lichenologica Italiana.
Vailati DanteEx-curator of Zoology, Museum of Natural History of Brescia; entomologist, specialist on Coleoptera Cholevidae.