1st National Agroforestry Forum

1st National Agroforestry Forum

On Wednesday 6 December and Thursday 7 December 2023, the 1st National Agroforestry Forum will be held in Rome, at the headquarters of the National Research Council.

The event is organized by the Italian Association of Agroforestry, an association made up mainly of agronomists or forestry technicians, operators, farmers and simple enthusiasts who take agroforestry as an opportunity to promote the rebirth of healthier, more sustainable and livable agriculture. With this event, the Italian Agroforestry Association wishes to coordinate the political and technical-scientific debate to promote agroforestry practices in Italy and protect the biodiversity of traditional agroforestry systems (pastures and tree-lined arable land, windbreak rows, hedges, etc.) which characterize the very rich diversity of the country’s landscapes, and to support the adoption of innovative agroforestry systems.

In the six round tables that will take place during the Forum, agroforestry in Italy will be discussed with respect to the following themes:

  1. Carbon farming and climate emergency
  2. Primary production and energy
  3. Biodiversity and other ecosystem services
  4. Policies and certification
  5. Economy and rural development
  6. Landscape and culture of the area

The Forum includes several interventions by numerous experts in the field and supporters of the event. Our partner, Nicola Tormen, will also be present among the speakers, representing WBA Project. During the speech, entitled “Biodiversity Friend® Forest certification”, the Biodiversity Friend® Forest protocol will be presented. Biodiversity Friend® Forest is a voluntary standard owned by the World Biodiversity Association with a specific orientation for forest populations and natural areas.

The speech will be held within the fourth round table entitled “Policies and Certifications” scheduled for December 6, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

The Biodiversity Friend® Forest standard includes 3 specific modules: BFF – forests and natural areas, BFF young (planting of new forests), BFF – green (management of urban greenery). Specific check-lists are also provided for high forests and coppices trees.

The Biodiversity Friend® Forest certification is a tool for assessing the conservation status of biodiversity and ecosystem services of forests, and provides forest owners and managers with tools to measure the impacts of silvicultural activities on ecological balances.

Furthermore, during the two days of the forum, some video posters dedicated to issues related to Agroforestry will be presented: agroforestry is the functional combination, on the same surface, between annual agricultural crops, or livestock, and trees. Among these, the video poster entitled: “The Biodiversity Indices of the Biodiversity Friend® Protocol: IBS-bf, IBA-bf and IBL-bf” will be presented. In the video posters the Biodiversity Indices of the Biodiversity Friend Protocol and the application method will be introduced through short videos in the field.

The Biodiversity Friend Protocol Biodiversity Indices are biological indices based on some organisms, defined as biological indicators, particularly suitable for detecting more or less serious alterations of the environment in which they live. As they present: high sensitivity towards pollutants, widespread diffusion across the territory, low mobility, ability to accumulate pollutants in their tissues. They can be used in the assessment of soil, air and water quality.

Find out more about Biodiversity Indices here.

Participation in the event is open to agricultural and forestry companies, trade associations, technicians and business consultants, researchers and students, landscape designers, land planners, public and private bodies, associations and non-governmental organizations in the agroforestry sector or related sectors (environment, landscape, certification bodies) and simple enthusiasts.

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Wednesday 06 December and Thursday 07 December 2023
Rome, Piazzale Aldo Moro n.7
️ Headquarters of the National Research Council
☎️347 9102311