WBA at the deposition of the Draft law n. 17

WBA at the deposition of the Draft law n. 17

On 14 February 2023, Commission 9 – Industry, commerce, tourism, agriculture and agri-food production of the Senate of the Republic invited the World Biodiversity Association to a deposition to examine the new Draft law n. 17  “Instruction for the identification of the figure of the farmer guardian of the environment and the territory and for the establishment of the National Agriculture Day”.

The Draft Law n. 17, a parliamentary initiative of Senators Bergesio and Centinaio, has the objective of considering the farmer as guardian of the environment and the territory.

The draft law also proposes the establishment of a day to celebrate agriculture, a fundamental sector for the country, in relation to the high value it has in economic, social and environmental terms.

At the deposition took part the President Paolo Fontana, the honorary President Gianfranco Caoduro and the Councilor Nicola Tormen.  During the meeting, WBA’s observations relating to the law in question were presented and the relative accompanying documents were provided.

The deposition was an important opportunity for WBA to share with the Senate Agriculture Commission the founding themes of sustainability in agriculture which are the basis of the Biodiversity Friend® Certification proposed by WBA in 2010.

It is possible to review the WBA speech here starting at 11.00 pm.