WBA at the APIS SILVATICA International Conference!

WBA at the APIS SILVATICA International Conference!

From 16 to 20 May 2022 the APIS SILVATICA International Conference will take place in Pantelleria, at the Cossyra Hotel, in the Mursìa district.

The objectives  of the conference include the conservation of biodiversity and the identification of the correct measures for the protection of free colonies of western honey bees and wild pollinators.

The international scientific initiative is characterized by an intense program that includes monitoring, testimonies and experiences from different territories and on various issues brought by leading researchers in the sector from all over the world. At the end of each day the participants will gather in a round table to define the contents of The Pantelleria Declaration.

The Pantelleria Declaration, which will represent  the Pantelleria Manifesto for wild bees, will be the collegial document signed at the end of the conference on May 20, on World Bee Day, to outline measures and practices for the protection of the subspecies of Apis mellifera and wild pollinators.

Among the coordinators of this first official meeting dedicated to bees, will be present Paolo Fontana, President of the World Biodiversity Association and Gianfranco Caoduro, Honorary President. The partners Nicola Tormen and Enrico Ruzzier will be part of the Scientific Committee together with other researchers.

The initiative, which sees the involvement of experts and scientists from all over the world, is promoted by the Pantelleria Island National Park Authority in collaboration with the University of Palermo– Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences, and the Edmund Foundation Mach– Technology Transfer Center Operational Unit: Plant protection and agroforestry biodiversity.

The conference will be held mainly in English, with a limit of 100 participants in presence, and will be videotransmitted on the Internet, with the sending of links reserved for a maximum of 200 online participants. Participation in the conference will include an excursion to the Pantelleria Island National Park, with visits to organic farms, colonies of wild Europeans bees and sites of historical and natural interest

Below is the general information of the initiative:

Contact email for further details: apis_silvatica@parconazionalepantelleria.it