The protection of biodiversity becomes part of the Italian Constitution

The protection of biodiversity becomes part of the Italian Constitution

With the final approval of the Chamber, from yesterday 08 February 2022 “the protection of the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems” becomes part of the fundamental principles of our Republic.

A one-of-a-kind constitutional amendment: it is the first time that one of the fundamental articles (articles 1 – 12) has been amended.

The law proposal that provided for the modification of art. 9 and 41 of the Charter was definitively approved by the Chamber in second resolution with a transversal consensus of 468 votes in favor, introducing new very important principles into the Constitution.

The updated articles 9 and 41 of our Constitution read out as follows:

Article 9: “The Republic promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research. It protects the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the nation. It protects the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems, also in the interest of future generations. State law regulates the methods and forms of animal protection”.

Article 41: “Private economic initiative is free. It cannot take place in conflict with social utility or in a way that could damage safety, freedom, human dignity, health and the environment. The law determines the appropriate programs and controls so
that public and private economic activity can be directed and coordinated for social and environmental purposes”.

The protection of the environment is therefore part of, in addition to art. 9, also in art. 41, next to the other fundamental paradigms that private economic activity must respect.

The changes to the articles entered into force with the approval of the Chamber and Senate, in both cases with double resolution, without therefore requiring a popular referendum.

A parliamentary vote that “marks an epochal day” as commented by the Minister for Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani.

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