“The role of hummingbird” to send our best wishes

“The role of hummingbird” to send our best wishes

There is a story that is so dear to us: THE ROLE OF HUMMINGBIRD

«One day, the legend says, there was a huge fire in the forest. All the animals, terrified and dismayed, watched the disaster helplessly. Only the little hummingbird got busy and went to look for a few drops of water to carry in its beak and to throw it on the fire. After a while, the armadillo, irritated by his useless attempts to tame the fire, said to him: “Hummingbird, are you crazy? Do you really think that with a few drops of water you will put out the fire? ” “I know, said the hummingbird, but I’m doing my part».


The role of the hummingbird is a story by Pierre Rabhi, father of agroecology, farmer, writer and thinker. Born in 1938 in Algeria, Pierre Rabhi moved to France where, after some work experiences in which he experienced the condition of modern man, he began to devote himself to agriculture.  In this world he discovered, already in the seventies, how modern agricultural techniques have devastating consequences from an environmental point of view and how there is a need  of agricultural practices that ensure the maintenance of natural fertility. A pioneer of agroecology, he promotes training courses on the safeguarding of local food heritage and on the fight against desertification. Pierre Rabhi passed away on 4 December at the age of 83.

With the hope that this story teaches us to collaborate with each other, trying each of us in our small way to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in the world, the President of WBA Onlus, Paolo Fontana, wishes everyone happy holidays and a peaceful new year.