The world of Piedmontese biospeleology

The world of Piedmontese biospeleology

The sixth volume of the series WBA MonographsFauna Hypogaea Pedemontana” is now available for pre-sale!

After years of passionate research by the authors, the printing of the sixth volume of the WBA Monographs series entitled “Fauna Hypogaea Pedemontana”has been planned.

It is a volume of over 1000 pages, entirely in color, which includes an extraordinary collection of information: over 11,500 faunal records, over 865 animal species reported and over 1,260 registered locations.

The cover price is 90.00 euros, but starting today and until the publication date, scheduled for May 2021, it will be possible to buy the volume in presale at the extraordinary price of 75.00 euros.

If you are a member of WBA, we remind you that the 50% discount on the cover price is always valid; contact us at and send us your purchase request.