WBA at the FAO Biodiversity for Food Diversity event


WBA at the FAO Biodiversity for Food Diversity event

Enrico Ruzzier alla FAO


Last Thursday 27 February our vice-president Enrico Ruzzier spoke at Biodiversity for Food Diversity, hosted at the FAO headquarters in Rome.

The event, which lasted from 24 to 27 February, wanted to be a moment of discussion on the sustainable use of biodiversity and its importance in supporting the needs of a constantly growing human population.

Focus of the day was the responsible use of resources and the development of innovative solutions that can benefit both humanity and the environment.


Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems


Biodiversity for Food Diversity

In particular, attention has been paid to Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems “(GIAHS), landscapes of high aesthetic value that combine agrobiodiversity, resilient ecosystems and an important historical and cultural heritage.

The center of the discussion was the territory of Sovae (VR), the only GIAHS site in Italy. Since 2014, the Consorzio di Tutela del Soave has in fact made use of the monitoring and consultancy activities of World Biodiversity Association Onlus to establish the conservation status of biodiversity within the vineyards, identify possible critical issues and initiate compensatory measures aimed at environmental sustainability and the enhancement of ecosystem services offered by biodiversity. The occasion was an excellent moment of confrontation where to present what has been done so far and suggest future actions and development lines.