08 November 2019

This manual represents a detailed and complete tool for the study and recognition of the 127 species of mantids that gravitate around the Mediterranean Sea basin. The first part describes the entry of mantises into popular and scientific culture, their biology, the question of sexual cannibalism, morphology and life cycle in different environments. Indispensable for the simple enthusiast as for the specialist, the text provides an in-depth description of the most common techniques of collection, breeding, preparation and study of internal and external morphology. The second part deals in detail with the taxonomy of all the species that gravitate in the Euro-Mediterranean area, between the Caucasus and the Canary Islands. This part is enriched by original drawings and numerous photos of endemic and rare species, together with the most common ones, with relative keys for recognition; this part includes some new and updated synonymies and a rich bibliography. The volume closes with a chapter on the protection of these extraordinary and uncommon insects; a red list is proposed that highlights the most vulnerable species within the complex ecological landscape of the Euro-Mediterranean area.
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