Italian squirrels, an endangered species?

Italian squirrels, an endangered species?

Squirrels of Italy, naturalistic heritage in danger

“How are”our squirrels?

In Italy there are several species, some of these native to our country and others introduced, but each of them with its own peculiarities.

The interesting thing is that we have an endemic Italian species, only recently recognized.

However, our fauna is in danger because of  man-made habitat loss, the introduction of predators, diseases and invasive species.

These last are causing very serious damage to the Italian squirrels!

The gray squirrel, the Asian squirrel, the red-bellied squirrel and the Siberian chipmunk are the main antagonists.

Exotic species compete for food and living spaces with Italian species, often managing to beat them completely. In addition, invasive species are vectors of diseases that further affect the survival of ours.

Monitoring plans are still in place both at regional and national level to define the health status of the Italian populations. In addition, plans for the evaluation and control of exotic species are being implemented.



Of course yes! Every citizen big or small can contribute enormously to the evaluation of the conservation status of our species.

You don’t need to be a scientist, a researcher or a park ranger! What is enough is a lot of passion and love for nature! Early risings are not a must! Just face nature, even the city one, with respect and you can have nice surprises.

Furthermore, websites or smartphone applications are now available and freely accessible, allowing us to collect and share our observations with the community! All in the perspective of citizen science.

It will take some time and practice, but you will see that it will be easy and fun to learn to recognize them, the important thing is not to be discouraged.


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