THE JOY OF BEES by Paolo Fontana

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THE JOY OF BEES by Paolo Fontana

THE JOY OF BEES by Paolo Fontana


The world of bees told by a lover. Yes, because Paolo Fontana  tells us about bees as a lover would do. When a hive opens, he explains to us, it is as if the gates of hell and heaven were opened at the same time.

The Joy of Bees

On 5 October 2017 the JOY OF BEES by Paolo Fontana comes to light, published by WBA Project. After 9 months of intense writing, meticulous research and several years of experience in the field, Paolo Fontana puts “black and white” all the knowledge and emotions that guide us to discover bees. Paolo Fontana teaches us with THE JOY OF BEES to look at these little creatures with loving respect.

The text is a real treatise, consisting of 648 pages full of extraordinary quotes from the greats of the past.

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What is striking about this text is the index. An index has been created that at first sight confuses but instead helps us to make this “joy” our own, to make it personal.

From the cover it already promises to be a text that is worth reading, and is read with pleasure:

An absolutely innovative work, we could say revolutionary,
in the varied world of writings dedicated to bees and beekeeping.
The author, an internationally renowned naturalist, declares his love for
Nature, in all its manifestations and, in particular, for the exceptional
cbee communities. This feeling of him is expressed with
skills and tools that he knows how to handle with skill: irony and the pen.
Scientific rigor is lightened by continuous references to daily life,
but also to ancient history and the beginnings of science
and human culture. A book that not only talks about the evolution,
morphology, biology and ethology of the honey bee in a captivating
and never banal way, but develops in a very original treatment
of the history of the relationship between Man and Bees.
From here, Fontana examines the new frontiers of modern beekeeping,
increasingly involved in the global problems of the environmental crisis
that is affecting the sustainability of natural systems.

Il piacere delle api di Paolo Fontana Radio 3 Scienza







Listen to the interview and the off-air by P. Fontana, guest of Radio 3 Scienza

Radio 3 Scienza – interview by Rossella Panarese of 20/02/2018  with Paolo Fontana – THE JOY OF BEES (30:56)  (Thanks to Rossella Panarese, Costanza Confessore, Marco Motta, Roberta Fulci)

Listen to the questions that the listeners of Radio 3 Scienza put to P. Fontana

Radio 3 Science – off the air of 20/02/2018 with Paolo Fontana – THE JOY OF BEES (10:56)

Radio 3 Scienza – off the air of  20/02/2018 con Paolo Fontana – THE JOY OF BEES(10:56)

il piacere delle api di Paolo Fontana a geo & geo







Paolo Fontana was a guest of Geo & Geo, interviewed by Sveva Sagramola.

“I thought he had written a bee” says Sveva Sagramola!

Paolo Fontana tells of the need to return to natural beekeeping, the bee must be helped to do it alone. Our modern beekeeping is a beekeeping stopped 150 years ago. With Paolo Fontana we discover that bees are represented in Italian coins, for example in the 10 cents minted after the first and after the second world war as an auspice of hard work.