Take us to Cuba

Take us to Cuba


This story begins in Summer 2017, when Enrico and Nicola, both W.B.A. members, went to Rome to meet with the managers of Bioversity International (Italian dispatch). A project is born, involving two technical-scientific figures in a trip to Cuba in spring 2018. At this point we would like to bring with us two further technical figures, each of them with different competences. It is for this reason that fundraising is born, so as to allow these two people to support us during our research missions.

What will we do in Cuba?

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Take us to Cuba is a fundraising campaign for a simple and wonderful project.
Because of the serious difficulties that Cuban agriculture is going through the farmers and the Cuban environment are at risk. Bioversity International in association with WBA onlus and Biodiversity Friend S.r.l. has developed a working plan, subdivided into 3 steps, aimed at supporting farmers and local microeconomy in sustainable development in the maximum respect of biodiversity. Agriculture and biodiversity are in symbiosis, if one collapse the other suffers the consequences and vice versa.
This project is part of a strategy that involves vast areas of the planet in a fight against hunger, poverty and that at the same time protect the wealth of biodiversity.
There are no more beautiful words, it’s time for concrete acts!


If you’re interested about project and you want to know a little bit more about, here you have the 3 basic steps we’re going trough:
1. Develop and implement Biodiversity Indexes (ante analysis) to make them suitable for subtropical and tropical conditions
2. Field test (let’s try these Indexex in Cuba).
3. Data analysis and modelling.
On the base of our previous experience and thanks to the new data we will be able to explain to the farmers the benefits of an agricultural system that respects biodiversity.
We have learned the lesson from the mistakes of the past and we do not want them to happen again.

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