Biodiversity is one of the riches of our planet

The characteristics of living organisms

When you closely observe living organisms,  study them, you can definitively realize some characteristics that accumunate them:

1. Cells! all living things are made of cells!

2. Cells contain hereditary information encoded in a universal genetic language!

3. Cells extract energy and nutrients from the environment!

4. Organisms regulate their internal environment on the base of the stimuli coming from the external environment;

5. All living beings evolved from a common ancestor!

Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms; the science of living beings and relations among them has made its leap forward thanks to the innovative intuition of Charles Robert Darwin. Before Darwin all living organisms were pigeonholed in a hierarchical scale, originating from the Plato philosophy, called the Scala Naturae.

Approach life, in all its aspects, in a curious and respectful way  helps us understand how living things are  all connected to each other, all related, not only in the environment in which they live as part of the ecosystem, but also in the timeline through the evolution  process.

A precious consideration

Human activities, if not implemented in the maximum respect of the living organisms, cause serious damage to ecosystems and to the whole biosphere.


Humanity has adopted agriculture to guarantee itself a manageable and long-lasting food resource.

Over the millennia humans have learned how mange and organize agriculture in different ways.

As you can image there is not a single kind of agriculture!

We can exploit until the exhaustion all the resources that the earth offers us or we can search for a better way to protect and respect nature and it’s biodiversity. WBA choose this path!

Biodiversity is the legacy that has been left us as a gift from those who preceded us. It is our task to preserve it for future generations.

The World Biodiversity Association is working to preserve this legacy, biodiversity, through the promotion of good agricultural practices.

Starting from these assumptions and thanks to shared ideas, the meeting between WBA and Bioversity International could only start a joint adventure; project then became CUBA 2018

An ancient proverb recites more or less like this:
If you want to change the world you have to start from your country.
If you want to change your country you must start from your village.
If you want to change your village, you must start from your home.
If you want to change your home you must start with yourself.

We are committing one village at a time, and you?
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