Bioversity International

Bioversity International

Bioversity International

It is a global research organization for the development of agricultural biodiversity. Supporting agricultural biodiversity makes it possible to feed people and support the planet. This is the horizon in which e Bioversity International is moving, which is part of a larger consortium called CGIAR. Bioversity International is a CGIAR research center.

The acronym CGIAR stands for Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research.

CGIAR is a global research group to ensure a safe food future. CGIAR‘s scientific research is dedicated to reducing poverty, improving food and nutrition security, developing natural resources and ecosystem services. The research is developed by 15 CGIAR research centers that collaborate closely with hundreds of partners, these collaborations include national and regional research institutes, civil social organizations, universities, development organizations and private industries.

Bioversity International is highly decentralized with around 300 working groups spread around the world. Its main office is just outside Rome, in Maccarese, and in 2018 it celebrates 44 years of activity. In the summer of 2017 there was a meeting with the World Biodiversity Association Onlus, from this meeting a project was born that will bring WBA to Cuba for a project that is in harmony with the vision of both Bioversity International and WBA.

This project will bring the scientific staff of the WBA to Cuba, and we like it so much that we would like to bring other people with us to be able to do more things, so we have launched a fundraiser.

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If you want to participate in the project as a lender, even just with the equivalent of a coffee you can do it through these tools:

by paying PayPal to the account
by postal order to the Postal Current Account n. 60188349
by bank transfer to the Banco Posta account  IBAN IT40T07601117000 00060188349

When the last tree has been cut down,
the last poisoned river,
the last fish caught,
the last free animal killed.

You will notice…

that money cannot be eaten.

Bear standing. Sioux