First Prosecco DOCG certified BIODIVERSITY FRIEND

First Prosecco DOCG certified BIODIVERSITY FRIEND

We present a preview of the first Prosecco DOCG certified according to the  BIODIVERSITY FRIEND specification of WBA!

The Villa Sandi company, producer of LA GIOIOSA branded wines, believed in it and dedicated a significant area of its exclusive vineyards, in the heart of the DOCG, to the production of grapes and prosecco, respecting the indications of the Biodiversity Friend specification.

WBA has designed and patented what is still the only disciplinary in agriculture that certifies the commitment of farms to the conservation of biodiversity in agro systems: BIODIVERSITY FRIEND..


The continuous control of the specialized inspectors trained by WBA on respect with the disciplinary it is a guarantee that the company pursues its long-term conservation objectives.

We hope that many other companies decide to take this path because it is the best historical moment for an important change in the management of agriculture worldwide!





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