Due nuove pubblicazioni WBA a Entomodena!

11 April 2015

After a pause of more than a year, during which the editorial activity of WBA onlus has been transferred to WBA Project Srl, a social company entirely owned by the WBA onlus, two new books will be presented to Entomodena next April 18.
The first publication is the third volume of the series “Memoirs on Biodiversity” titled: “Biodiversity of South America II. Coleoptera Staphylinidae Aleocharinae”; it contains two works of the staphylinidologist Roberto Pace where 149 new species and 8 new genera of Coleoptera Staphylinidae from Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina, collected during many expeditions organized by WBA since 2004 to date. Each new species  is provided by the photo of the habitus and the drawings of the edeagus and spermatheca. It is a very important taxonomic work that allows to the entomologist Roberto Pace from Verona (Italy) to reach, to date, the incredible number of 6,047 new species and 402 new genera described in 360 different scientific works! The price of the book is 30,00 euro (30% discount for WBA members).
The second publication is the fifth volume of the series “WBA Handbooks” titled: “European bark and ambrosia beetles: types, characteristics and identification of mating systems – Scolitidi d’Europa: tipi, caratteristiche e riconoscimento dei sistemi riproduttivi”. It is a volume (in italian and english) written by Massimo Faccoli of the University of Padua. Bark and ambrosia beetles belong to a group of insects typical of forest habitats, boring characteristic galleries under the bark and within the wood. Because bark beetle species are very similar to each other morphologically, the identification of these insects is particularly complicated. The purpose of this handbook is, hence, to provide a tool useful to identify the main bark and ambrosia beetles occurring in European forests through the host tree and shape of their mating systems. It is a very well done handbook, useful to recognize on the field the signs of these insects; it can be helpful, as well as the passionate coleopterologists and the students of Forest and Environmental Sciences and Agrarian Sciences. The price of the book is 25,00 euro (30% discount for WBA members).