A new coleopter of East

17 September 2013

Recently, a further new species discovered by WBA members was described. Marco Uliana and Guido Sabatinelli published on Zootaxa (3702: 124-134) a contribution on Glaphyridae from Levant, with the description of the new species Eulasia daccordii. This scarab, living inside flowers and widespread in Jordan, Israel and West Bank, was named after our member Mauro Daccordi, who in 2009 shared with authors a collecting trip in Syria and Jordan aiming to sample Glaphyridae. G. daccordii is illustrated in detail and compared with E. pietschmanni, a close species with which the new one has been to date confused and of which it is vicariant. In addition, information are given about its phenology and ecology.
This is a further addition to the papers that the two authors published in recent years on scarabs of Levant, where they identified, since 2008, 4 more new species of Glaphyridae (Pygopleurus katbehi Sabatinelli, 2008, P. keithi Sabatinelli & Uliana, 2009, Eulasia rittneri Uliana & Sabatinelli, 2010, Glaphyrus orbachi Sabatinelli, Miessen & Rittner 2012).