From Mexico, to know “Biodiversity Friend”!

03 July 2013

conabio_rosas_huerta-300x287Since 27 to 30 June 2013 WBA hosted a delegation of the Ministry of Environment of Mexico formed by Martha Rosas, National Coordinator of the “Proyecto de Sistemas Productivos Sostenibles y Biodiversidad” of the Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad (CONABIO) and Elleli Huerta, Coordinator of the Department for the Genetic and Biological Resources of the same Institute. The delegation had the goal of knowing directly the methods of our certification “Biodiversity Friend” and verifying the applicability of them to the tropical regions of Southern Mexico.
Rosas and Huerta have been welcomed in the room of the Museum of Natural History of Verona, where the 4th october 2004 our Association was founded, and they visited three farms certified “Biodiversity Friend” (Fondo Prognoi and Monte Zovo in Verona, Nonno Andrea in Treviso).
The meeting in the headquarter of OPO Veneto (Fruit and Vegetable farmers) in Zero Branco (Treviso) was particularly interesting because Martha Rosas presented the Project made by CONABIO for a sustainable agriculture, care to the biodiversity conservation in the tropical region of Mexico. The meeting was attended by the managerial staff of OPO Veneto, Cesare Bellò, Francesco Arrigoni and Simone Natali, by Gianfranco Caoduro and Pier Mauro Giachino respectively Chairman and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the WBA, by Davide Troncon of CSQA Certifications and by prof. Laura Guidolin and dr. Nicola Tormen of the University of Padova. These three days have been very intense, during which the mexican delegation could verify the efficacy of our protocol for an agriculture finally sustainable.
After this pleasant visit of the members of CONABIO, Mexico became, together with Peru and Madagascar, one of the possible destinations for the WBA decennial expedition, expected for summer 2014!