“Butterflies and Burnets of the Alps” has been finally published!

09 April 2013


After a long and meticulous work of the author, Paolo Paolucci of the University of Padova, WBA has published the fourth volume of the series “WBA Handbooks”!
This new naturalistic handbook of 480 pages titled “Butterflies and Burnets of the Alps and their larvae, pupae and cocoons” contains more than 2000 colour drawings of 281 specie of butterflies and burnets living in the alpine region.
Lepidoptera have been considered for decades as early warning bioindicators of environmental health. In fact, they have high sensitivity to pollutants, wide distribution, limited mobility and short life-cycles sensible to environmental changes. Moreover, butterflies can be easily observed in most habitats, from highest peaks to the cultivated plains. Lepidopterists say that recently the majority of European butterflies are decreasing in numbers, threatened by destruction of their habitats, landscape fragmentation and climate changes.
For these reasons, we think the publication of this book is very timely. In these pages is a complete report on each of the 281 species considered, which includes: distribution, habitat, altitudinal range, altitudinal zonation, flight period, host plants, myrmecophily, similar species, fore-wing length, larvae, pupae, cocoons and IUCN’s threatened status. Moreover, keys to the families and some genera, make this book an excellent guide for both beginners and more experienced naturalists. Another relevant use for this book is related to the identification of the butterfly species in biomonitoring programs and in the sustainable management of the Alpine Natura 2000 sites.
The new volume will be presented to Entomodena, April 13th and 14th, 2013. The book will be solely distributed out of Italy by Apollo Booksellers, with which WBA has subscribed an exclusive agreement. The distribution in Italy will be made directly by WBA, to whom must be sent the purchase orders. The cover price is 45,00 euro.
WBA members can buy a copy of the WBA Handbooks 4, with a discount of 30% (see the section “Publications” in our website).

Take a look to Butterflies and Burnet of the Alps