More news species from Greece and Macedonia!

23 February 2013

… “Research Missions in the Mediterranean Basin” which, since many years, are conducted by our members Pier Mauro Giachino and Dante Vailati. The first work, realized by Erik Arndt and Peter Subai of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences of Bernburg (Germany), has been published on the review Vernate (31, 2012) with the title: “Gastropoda from subterranean habitats in Greece”. The other two works have been both published by Giachino and Vailati on the review Fragmenta entomologica (44-1-2012) with the following titles: “Review of the Anillina of Macedonia and description of two new species of Prioniomus from Greece (Coleoptera, Carabidae)” and “Ocys phoceus n. sp., a new interesting orophilous species of Central Greece (Coleoptera, Carabidae)”.
In the first issue are reported interesting data on distribution of many species of Gasteropoda collected by our members during the researches in the subterranean environments of Greece, in particular in the so called MSS (Milieu Souterrain Superficiel). The other two works on Coleoptera Carabidae by Giachino and Vailati include the description of as much as 7 new species for science; they are, in particular: Prioniomus caoduroi, Prioniomus maleficus, Winklerites vonickai, Winklerites blazeji, Winklerites moraveci, Winklerites gueorguievi e Ocys phoceus.
Since many years WBA supports the investigations on biodiversity of the Mediterranean basin and our Association will continue this engagement starting from next may, when Giachino and Vailati will be engaged in “Greece 2013” new research campaign that it looks once more rewarding. Therefore, WBA expresses sincere congratulations to the members, authors of the new discoveries, and gratitude for having dedicated a new species from Peloponnese to the WBA Chairman, Gianfranco Caoduro, who since 2004, year of WBA foundation, tirelessly leaded our Association.
The persons concerned can ask for a PDF copy of the papers directly to WBA to the following address: