On the market the first product certified under Biodiversity Friend Standard!

On the market the first product certified under Biodiversity Friend Standard!

In the course of 2010 World Biodiversity Association proposed “Biodiversity Friend”, the first standard on biodiversity conservation in agriculture. The new standard certifies the engagement of the farm in reconciling production with biodiversity conservation, to improve the environmental salubrity and the product quality.

The certification standard Biodiversity Friend considers the environmental impacts of the agricultural activities on the ecosystem quality and the biodiversity loss. The audit controls 12 actions related to procedures of parasites and weed control, soil fertility reconstitution, hydric resources management, presence of hedges and woods, presence of nectariferous species, conservation of the agrarian biodiversity, soil-air-water quality, use of renewable energy, methods of low impact production and other actions with beneficial effects on biodiversity.

These actions correspond with a score. The farm must get a minimal score of 60 out of 100 to be certified. To maintain the certification the farm must undertake to increase biodiversity through effective actions that will be suggested by the inspectors and verified in the following controls.

The standard Biodiversity Friend is issued by CSQA, the italian company leader in agri-food certification.

In the last october CSQA gave the certification “Biodiversity Friend” to the farm “Fondo Prognoi” of Tinazzi Laura near Montorio (Verona). This farm represents the excellence of the agricultural foothill area to North-East of Verona. The Azienda Agricola Fondo Prognoi has been certified with a high score (75/100), and has obtained the certification for the following products: vineyard, apple, pear, hazel, wheat and pomegranate.

The first products with the brand BF are on the market quite in these days; it is a Trentossi-pear jam (Confettura extra di Peri Trentossi), an ancient cultivar of Pear threatened with extinction in Veronese Region. In the coming days will arrive on the market also the hazels and the pomegranate jelly, both with the brand Biodiversity Friend.

For the consumer, to buy a product with the brand name “Biodiversity Friend” means to have guarantees scientifically proven that the product comes from agrosystems with a high level of naturality and has been got with low impact production processes.

Now we are waiting new products with the “Biodiversity Friend” brand from the certified farms of the provinces of Treviso, Rovigo, Padova and Venice!

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