A new publication on the insects of Chile

14 November 2012

Our member Raúl Briones has contributed in realizing the phoyographic guide “Insectos de Chile nativos, introducidos y con problemas de conservación“, together with  Francisco Gárate and Viviane Jerez. This handbook is part of a series annually published by the Corporación Chilena de la Madera (CORMA), with the goal to  know the flora and fauna of Chile; for this reason these guides are not sold but are freely distributed for didactic use to parks, natural reserves, schools and universities.
The guide contains the reports of about 100 species selected among the most common or showy for color and size, that are the species that more likely draw our attention  during excursions. Another section concerns the invasive and noxious insects for  agriculture, as a support for an easy identification and an efficient control. The last part illustrate the endemic endangered species of Chile, to learn the value of biodiversity conservation. Finally, this guide promotes the “photographic hunting” of insects as a sustainable alternative to the direct collection of specimens, through a section rich of advices on macro-photography techniques.
The presentation of the book will be inserted in the tenth edition of the seminar Flora y Fauna: “Una mirada a los detalles del paisaje nativo“, that will occur on november 14th in the Congress Center Expocorma, Concepcion, Chile.

info event: http://www.seminarioscorma.cl/2012/noticias.html