WBA, Natural History Museums of Vicenza and WWF for BiodiversaMente 2012

24 October 2012

This year Biodiversamente, the event that from the 2010 joins WWF Italia and ANMS (the National Association for the Scientific Museums), is dedicated to the water and to the greatest water resource of Europe: the Alps.
Water is one of the fundamental elements for the richness, diversification and coexistance of all the living beings. The Alps host an extremely high level of biological diversity and many European cities depend on the alpine basins to get potable water and hydropower. Now the alpine ecoregion is threatened by the pressure of human activities and by the global warming, and with it also its hydro-systems. Only the 10% of the alpine streams and rivers can be considered still in natural or semi-natural conditions and the dynamics of life in them is still not well known. Scientific research on biodiversity is the base of the wellness and economy in our territory.
In this context well fits the WBA project: Biodiversity Friend for the certifications in agricolture, in which water is a central point, that has captured the interst of the scientific institutions of Vicenza stimulating this new collaboration.
Biodiversamente will take place in Vicenza in two days rich of events: sathurday 27th October the Natural History Museums of  Bassano, Asiago e Valdagno will be open free with thematic activities. From 3:00 p.m. At the Museo Naturalistico Archeologico di Vicenza will take place conferences on the scientific research applied to water biodiversity. Lorenzo Stefani from WWF Vicenza will  report on the studies done in these years at the Oasi di Casale, our president Gianfranco Caoduro will explain the Biodiversity Friend project and our affiliate and director of the Musei Civici di Valstagna Roberto Battiston, will explain how to evaluate biodiversity in surface waters in environmental assessments. Sunday 28th museums and associations will gather at the Oasi di Casale for free guided tours, scientific and didactical activities, where our entomologist Filippo Buzzetti will meet the audience to show the technics used in scientific samplings of the water fauna.
Programma BiodiversaMente