5 more new species of Curculionidae from Ecuador!

20 October 2012

Our members Cosimo Baviera, Cesare Bellò and Giuseppe Osella, published on the review Zootaxa (3455: 69–80; 2012) the issue “First record of the genus Bordoniola Osella, 1987 in Ecuador with description of five new species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Raymondionyminae)”. It is a very interesting work that describes five new species of Coleoptera Curculionidae of the genus Bordoniola Osella, 1987 from Ecuador: B. ecuadorialis, B. minima, B. otongana, B. relicta, B. simillima. Distributional and ecological data are provided for each of the new species. This is the first record of the genus outside Venezuela, from where only two species were known. A key to species and a checklist of all Bordoniola thus far known are given. The phothos of the habitus of each species and of their locus typicus are also given. One of the new species was collected in the famous Otonga Forest, a real “Sanctuary of biodiversity”, to which it has been dedicated: Bordoniola otongana. WBA for much time supports the naturalistic investigations of their members in South America; for this reason WBA expresses sincere congratulations to the authors for the new discoveries. WBA undertakes to continue keep the support to investigate the biodiversity hotspots in the world.The persons concerned can ask for a PDF copy of the paper directly to our member Buzzetti to the following e-mail address: cesarebello@ortoveneto.it