4th october 2012: Twelfth Biodiversity Day!

26 September 2012

The “Twelfh Biodiversity Day” is proposed by World Biodiversity Association, in collaboration with the Centro Servizi Volontariato of Verona, to the students of the Schools of Verona, in particular, of the Don Bosco Institute, which will host the event, the Liceo delle Scienze Umane “Carlo Montanari”, leader of the “Biodiversity Project”, and a delegation of the Liceo Scientifico E. Medi of Villafranca (VR). The students will be involved in discovering the value of biodiversity at global and local level. The event will take place in the morning on Thursday, september 4, (San Francesco day) to the Auditorium of the Liceo Don Bosco, according to the following program.
9:00 – Opening of the conference and welcome of the authorities.
9:20 – Introductory speech by prof. Giovanni Onore about the biodiversity of Ecuador and presentation of the activities for the conservation of the Otonga Forest.
10:00 – Showing of the film “Animales que cantan y encantan” by Fundacion Otonga.
10:45 – Pause.
11:05 – Report of the Chairman of the World Biodiversity Association Gianfranco Caoduro: “The Sustainability Oriented School Project and the environmental responsibility in the School”.
Ore 11.20 – Report of Adriano Zanetti, naturalist of the Natural History Museum of  Verona: Biodiversity of our territory: rare and endangered species of the Veronese Area”.
Ore 11.40 – Report of Daniele Zanini, teacher of Natural Sciences in the Liceo Medi di Villafranca and Director of the Monte Baldo Botanical Garden. . “The Monte Baldo: the most “biodiverse” mountain in Europe?”
Ore 12.00 – Student’s interventions.
Ore 12:15 – Donation ceremony to Prof. Giovanni Onore of the funds raised by the Institutes involved in Biodiversity Project during the school year 2011-2012 to buy some hectares of the Otonga Foresta (Ecuador).
12:30 – End of the conference.

During the event the didactic kits of the Project”Conservation by Education and the publications of WBA will be distributed to the teachers.