Biodiversity Week on Monte Baldo, “Hortus Europae”!

02 July 2012

orto-botanico-monte-baldo-274x300The World Biodiversity Association, in collaboration with Cooperativa Sociale Centro di Lavoro, organizes from 13 to 19 August, 2012, the third edition of the “Biodiversity Week”. Members and sympathizers of the WBA are invited to Refuge of the Monte Baldo Botanical Garden, in Novezzina, territory of Ferrara di Monte Baldo (Verona), at 1,235 m asl, to spend a week of investigations in one of the most interesting and beautiful naturalistic areas of Europe.
On Monte Baldo, that ancient botanists defined as “Hortus Europae” (Garden of Europe), there is a wide selection of very different habitats, from sub-Mediterranean ones on the shores of the Lake Garda, to the alpine ones over 2,200 metres a.s.l.
On Monte Baldo, a mountain 300 square kilometres in extent (one thousand times smaller than the whole of Italy) live half of all the species of Italian orchids and a good 2.085 different species of butterflies, corresponding to 40% of all those registered in our country. There are also tens of endemic species, exclusive for this mountain, among plants and, over all, among insects. An exceptional biological variety that indeed allows this area to be counted among one of the sites with the highest biodiversity not only in Italy, but in all Europe.
Botanists, zoologists, speleologists, students, simple nature enthusiasts, can spend a week in a unique natural environment, among investigations, study and relax.
There will be surely convivial moments, discussions, debates and, over all, naturalistic investigations in very different habitas: arid meadows, woodlands, mountain pastures, screes, gorges, caves, glacial cirques …
In conclusion, a week in contact with nature and … naturalists.
Hospitality is guaranted by Novezzina Alpine Hut near the Botanical Garden and the Astronomical Observatory. The largest capacity is 30 guests; therefore adhesions will be considered in chronological order, till the exhaustion of the places.
For more informations and the programm of the week open the file below.
For reservations write to:
or phone to 0039-3409165855