RIO+20, FORESTS-2.000.000: from 20 to 22 june the nth farce summit will stage in Rio!

14 June 2012

We are going ahead with slogan, summit, celebrations and “good proposals lists” since 40 years ago. It’s about time it stopped and really to change the world!
Since the Stockholm Conference in 1972, when it was hypothesized a future of the planet based on “sustainable development” no progress was seen, rather it got worse!
The environmental crisis is taking on an ever more alarming dimension. At the Rio Summit in 1992, the world’s most powerful people made plans to contrast climate changes and biodiversity loss, but 10 years after, at the World Conference of Johannesburg in 2002, the consciousness that the objectives failed and more damages were done on ecosystems, led the heads of state of the world to launch a countdown to “stop biodiversity loss within 2010”.
The appeal had no effect in the world of policy and economy. There was not the will to find effective answers; on the contrary, extinctions and threatened species  increased, especially in consequence to the destruction of the tropical rainforests. Year 2010, declared by the United Nations as the “International Year of Biodiversity” and 2011, declared “International Year of Forests” confirmed the total failure of the operation. Powerless, mankind witnessed the annual destruction of 100.000 sq km of rainforest and the consequent extinction of at least 30.000 species, most of which not even described by science!
In the last 20 years, just since 1992, our planet lost about 2.000.000 sq km of tropical rainforest and more than 500.000 species!
But, we can’t understand how, in spite of repeated failures, the policy of proclamations continues to  be all the rage, gathering in Rio de Janeiro from 20 to 22 june more than 50.000 delegates (!) “to debate” on themes which have been internationally debated since last 40 years. However, possible proposals seem will not enter into binding treaties but they will inserted in “principle agreements” to start sustainability processes.
We already lost 40 years without obtaining valuable results in the field of natural resources conservation and we are persistently following the way of proclamations and celebrations.
According to authoritative sources “… it will be the occasion to think about sustainable development”. But, we can’t understand how the Conference can be “sustainable” in itself because it will assemble tens of thousands people from all over the world, simply to “think” about problems for which the answers appear long since foreseen!
We are really tired of promises and empty words! We want facts, concrete actions and, above all, a governance able to lead the world towards a perspective of sustainability, against the ruling economocentric logics based on destruction of ecosystems and focused on growth at all costs!