Another new species of Hydrometra from Ecuador!

24 April 2012

Dr. Filippo Maria Buzzetti, member of the WBA Directing Council, and dr. Fabio Cianferoni (Natural History Museum of the University of Florence, Zoological Section “La Specola) published on the review (3274: 55–62 (2012) the issue “The genus Hydrometra Latreille in Ecuador with description of a new species (Hemiptera: Heteroptera:  Gerromorpha: Hydrometridae)”. It is a very interesting work that describes a new species of Heteroptera Hydrometridae collected during recent research campaigns on aquatic fauna of Ecuador. The new species has been named “Hydrometra aequatoriana”, collected in the waters of Rio Toachi, m 850 a.s.l., near the well-known locality “Union del Toachi”. All the naturalists who visited the famous Otonga Forest, a real “Sanctuary of biodiversity”, passed on the Rio Toachi bridge to the long way leading to the research station, in the heart of the Otonga Forest. During the investigations Filippo M. Buzzetti inoltre ha segnalato for the first time reported for Ecuador the species Hydrometra argentina, therefore four species of Hydrometra are now known to occur in Ecuador: H. argentina, H. caraiba,H. williamsi and H. aequatoriana n. sp.
WBA for much time supports the naturalistic investigations of their members in South America; for this reason WBA expresses sincere congratulations to the authors for the new discovery. WBA undertakes to keep, with great efforts, a support to the researches in South America. The persons concerned can ask for a PDF copy of the paper directly to our member Buzzetti to the following e-mail address: