ART for FORESTS: two extraordinary women working in forests conservation!

07 December 2011

ART for FORESTS di Mandy Robertson At the end of 2011, declared by United Nations “International Year of Forests”, the World Biodiversity Association, the University of Verona and the Fundacion Otonga (Ecuador), organize two events, December 14 and 16, to awakening people to the importance of conserving forests and biodiversity. Also during this year, in spite of the explicit call of the United Nations for respecting forests, 100.000 square km of rainforest (equal to the surface of Nothern Italy) were destroyed, causing, according to the biologists, the extinction of thousands species. The safeguard of biodiversity, therefore, entails the conservation of the tropical forests.
During the two events the naturalistic paintings of the Scottish painter Mandy Robertson will be shown. The painter donated her entire artistic production of the year 2011 to WBA to give a contribution in saving rainforests.
Every work will be exposed with a direct reference to the surface square m of rainforest that will be bought with the funds collected. The funds will be submitted directly to Fundacion Otonga to increase the protected areas of Ecuador, one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity but, in the same time, the South American country with the highest loss rate of rainforest of the entire continent.
Marcia Theophilo will be the honor guest of the December 14 event. The meeting will be in Villa Ottolini-Lebrecht (San Floriano di Valpolicella) of the University of Verona. The brazilian anthropologist Marcia Theophilo is an internationally renowned poetess, running to the Nobel Literature Prize; she is involved in actions to awaken public opinion to the conservation problems. Since many years she is a witness of the destruction of the Amazonian forest and of the native cultures of South America. In the same event Mandy Robertson will expose her paintings, and the students of the Liceo Musicale Montanari (Verona) that will perform musical pieces.
Besides the above mentioned bodies, the University Library “A.Frinzi”, the Academy of Agriculture, Sciences and Letters of Verona and the Mundial Academy for Poetry support the events.
All of you are invited to join the event!
Event Programme

ART for FORESTS of Mandy Robertson