What is the destiny for the forests of our planet?

26 September 2011

With the aim of remembering that 2011 has been declared by United Nations “International Year of Forests”, the World Biodiversity Association, the Library “A. Frinzi” of the University of Verona and the Unicef Committee of Verona, promote a round table on the theme “The destiny of the forests, between biodiversity and sustainability”. The meeting will be in Verona, to the University Library “A.Frinzi”, in Verona, 20 San Francesco Street, at 5.00 p.m. Friday 30 september 2011, and it is organized in collaboration with the  Accademia Mondiale della Poesia and the Comitato Dante Alighieri of Verona.
Since decades, the distruction of the tropical forests of our planet has no slowdown at all. Every year more than 100.000 square km of forests are destroyed, causing, according to the biologists, the extinction of thousands species. The safeguard of biodiversity, therefore, entails the conservatuion of the tropical forests. The brazilian anthropologist Marcia Theophilo, an internationally renowned poetess, running to the Nobel Literature Prize, is involved in actions to awaken public opinion to these problems. Since many years she is a witness of  the destruction of the Amazonian forest and of the native cultures of South America. Marcia Theophilo will be the honor guest of the event.
The forests’ guardians” by Marcia Theophilo, anthropologist and poetess, running to the Nobel Literature Prize.
2011, International Year of Forests: save forests to defend biodiversity” by Gianfranco Caoduro, Chairman of  WBA.
The communitarian and national policies on biodiversity conservation” by Davide Gaeta, Professor of Food Processing and Wine-producing Marketing to the University of Verona.
A sustainable approach to the land use: protocols and certifications for building Biodiversity Friend” by Alessandro S. Carone, teacher of Building Construction and Unicef delegate.
All members and citizens are invited to participate to the event.